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How is an Injury or Illness Defined?

The California Labor Code of the term "injury" includes any “injury, illness, or disease arising out of employment and occurring in the course of employment (AOE/COE).”  Injuries are categorized as such:

  • Specific: Injury resulting from a specific incident and to one or more body parts (Example: Employee falls down stairs and fractures a bone.)
  • Cumulative: Injury from repetitive motion or exposure over a period of time (Example: Employee experiences hearing loss due to repeated noise exposure.)
  • For additional information please see CA Labor Code section 3208.

What should I do if an employee reports a work-related injury?

The following is a checklist you may use as a supervisor/manager to ensure the proper steps are taken.

Step 1: Help your employee seek medical attention

Medical Emergencies:

  • On Campus: dial 9-911 (if using a university land-line) or 911 (from another phone) or send employees to the Emergency Room at Stanford Hospital and Clinics at: 900 Quarry Road Extension Palo Alto, CA 94304; 650-723-5111.
  • Off Campus: employees should go to the nearest Emergency Room.
  • Once discharged send the employee to SUOHC for a follow up visit prior to the employee’s return to work.
  • For additional information on Emergency Procedures please see Administrative Guide Memo 7.2.1:

Urgent Conditions:

  • Urgent care is available on a drop-in basis at SUOHC Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.  SUOHC suggests that employees or their managers call SUOHC to make them aware of the employee’s pending arrival.  SUOHC is located at: 480 Oak Road, Room B15 Stanford, CA 94305; 650-725-5308
  • For urgent medical care after SUOHC hours employees should go to the Emergency Room at Stanford Hospital and Clinics.

Non-Urgent Conditions:

  • Contact SUOHC at: 650-725-5308 to schedule an appointment.  SUOHC is located at: 480 Oak Road, Room B15 Stanford, CA 94305; 650-725-5308.

Step 2: Complete documentation

Immediately upon notification of an employee’s work-related injury or illness, work with the employee to complete forms as indicated in Administrative Guide Memo 7.6.1:

Please note:  your Local HR department may have additional steps based on internal departmental protocol.  Please refer to your HR Manager for additional information.

Step 3: Address/Report the hazard

Investigate the accident:

  • Work with Environmental Health & Safety to correct any immediate hazards to prevent further injuries.  EH&S can be reached at: 650-723-0448.
  • Do NOT discard equipment or furnishings/equipment that may have been involved in the incident.
  • Restrict people from the hazard area or
  • Remove the equipment from service, but do not discard
  • Take pictures as appropriate
  • For additional information visit the university's Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

Step 4: Work with HR and DLS for payroll reporting

To ensure prompt and accurate payment of compensation and benefits (if your employee is losing time from work) coordinate with your local Human Resource Manager and your Department of Leave Services representative.

Please visit the DLS website for additional information:

Step 5: Return to work efforts

Coordinate with your local Human Resource Manager and the University’s Return to Work Consultant, Nicole Vargas Guevara, on return to work efforts related to your injured employee.  They will advise you of next steps.

Nicole can be reached at: 650-721-6101, 650-243-7210 or