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Vehicle Use and Accident Reporting

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General Policy

As specified in the Administrative Guide Memo 8.4.2, "University vehicles may be used only in connection with official University activities." Please also refer to Admin Guide and Fingate.


A. Stanford-owned and government-owned vehicles used by the university

  • Liability

Stanford is a qualified self-insurer in the State of California for auto liability resulting in third party bodily injury and property damage. Such self-insurance protects Stanford employees who drive Stanford-owned or government-owned vehicles assigned to the University while on University business; protection also is afforded to other persons who are given permission to operate such vehicles.

  • Physical Damage

Stanford self-insures loss of, or damage to, its vehicles due to theft, collision and other perils. Most government-owned vehicles (e.g. GSA vehicles at SLAC) are self-insured by the government.

B. Rented or Borrowed Vehicles

C. Personal Vehicles

  • Liability

Stanford's liability insurance policy may provide excess liability insurance protection to a driver authorized under the terms of Administrative Guide Memo 8.4.2, Vehicle Use, while using his or her own vehicle in connection with official University activities, subject to the following:

(a) the authorized driver's insurance is primary and will apply before Stanford's self-insurance program;

(b) in any event, all authorized drivers who use their personal vehicle in connection with official University activities more than 20 hours per month shall maintain the following minimum automobile liability limits: (1) for bodily injury $100,000 each person/$300,000 each accident and for property damage $100,000 each accident;  or (2) a combined single limit of $300,000 per accident. These minimum insurance coverages also are strongly recommended for individuals who drive personal vehicles in connection with official University activities less than 20 hours per month.

  • Physical Damage

Stanford does not provide any protection for damage to, or loss of theft of, the employee's vehicle or pesonal effects in such vehicle. The employee's department may elect to pay the deductible for damage to, or loss of theft of, an employee's vehicle used in connection with official University activities.

  • If you use your vehicle in connection with official University activities, consult your insurance agent or broker to make sure your insurance coverage meets your needs.

Accident Report Procedures

  1. Report accident at once to local police department or highway patrol. Accident information requirements are noted on the white cards (Automobile Certificate of Self-Insurance)  located in the glove compartment of University and Government vehicles. 
  2. The description, nature and extent of damage to other property or vehicles. This should include license number, make and model of car, name of owner and address, name of driver, address, driver's license number and state, and date of birth;
  3. Name of the insurance company of the other driver or drivers, policy number and expiration date, and policyholder's name and address;
  4. Time, place and date of accident;
  5. Name, address and nature of injury to any persons injured in accident;
  6. Names, address and telephone numbers of any passengers or other witnesses. At no time admit liability, make any reimbursement, or admit fault in connection with any accident. To do so would jeopardize the insurance company's position in protecting Stanford's and your interest and could, in fact, void the insurance policy.
  7. All information should be provided to the Office of Risk Management (Note: SLAC send information to the Manager of Administrative Services). These offices can provide instructions regarding arrangements for repairs.

Accidents should be reported by your supervisor as soon as possible to Irina Herbert at 650-736-0786 or Please see the Auto Accident Report form on our Forms page.